Polypheny-DB is an adaptive database system bridging the gap between polystores and HTAP systems. In contrast to most existing polystore systems, Polypheny-DB offers support for data manipulation queries. Furthermore, it features a flexible schema supporting schema changes at runtime.

Polypheny-DB is a full database management system providing support for a rich set of data types. Due to its support for features like the enforcement of constraints, transactions, prepared statements, and batch queries, it even goes beyond what many well-known DBMS provide.

Moreover, Polypheny-DB comes with integrated support for several specialized database management systems, Therefore, it is able to efficiently process heterogeneous workloads. The seamless combination of data replication and data partitioning allows to combine different underlying data storage engines in order to provide excellent query performance independent of the type of workload.

Polypheny-DB even goes a step further in terms of flexibility: With “Data Sources” it is possible to map data on (remote) database systems into the schema of Polypheny-DB. It also features an adapter for directly querying CSV files.

The JDBC-SQL and the REST query interface allow to easily integrate Polypheny-DB into existing environments using industry standard techniques. The powerful browser-based user interface makes managing Polypheny-DB a pleasant experience.

In conjunction with the support for multi-media data and workloads, Polypheny-DB offers a flexibility not matched by existing polystore systems.